Badger rescued after tunneling into high-security British army facility

Wildlife rescuers were summoned to a British Ministry of Defense facility when a badger burrowed its way into the compound and couldn’t find its way out.

The Wiltshire Animal Hospital said rescuers were summoned by army officials to the high-security ammunition compound, which was not identified for security reasons, after a badger was found to have tunneled its way into the facility.

The animal hospital said the badger had apparently found a way to dig into the compound, but was unable to find a route out that wasn’t blocked by secure fencing.

“An adult Badger managed to dig in to a high-security ammunition compound and couldn’t remember the place he penetrated to enter the sensitive area, so he couldn’t find his way out,” the animal hospital said in a Facebook post.

“In his memory lapse, he managed to dig several areas penetrating and testing the rest of the secure fencing,” the post said. “Apparently he wasn’t very pleased to meet the security dogs going about their duty and they were just as confused and shocked to encounter such a grumpy individual.”

The badger was safely captured and was held at the hospital overnight before being released a few hundred yards outside of the military facility, officials said.